Francine Van Hove

Francine Van Hove

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Reprodução sobre papel, assinatura impressa, motivo "Nu Feminino", com 20x39 cm (moldura de madeira com 54x64 cm).


Francine Van Hove is a contemporary French painter.


La Dormeuse

Born in 1942 in Saint-Mandé (Seine, France), she studied in Paris and received a Fine Arts degree with qualifications to teach in secondary schools. After teaching one year at Lycee de Jeunes Filles in Strasbourg, she resigned from her position and decided to come back to Paris in 1964 where she now lives and continues to paint. She is known for her paintings of young women with dreaming attitudes. Her graphic and pictorial techniques are reminiscent of Italian Renaissance painters and Flemish painters of the 16th and 17th centuries. Her work now counts more than 400 paintings, all privately owned, as well as numerous drawings and pastels.



Fine Art Gallery


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